You will never see Brussels the same way again

Yesteryear’s Belgium at Zotte Mouche

Belgium is indeed known for its chocolate, but also for its popular bistros! For all lovers of these places of celebration and sharing, here’s some exciting news! Zotte Mouche, a part of the Ricotta & Parmesan group, is a brand new Belgian bistro with a twist that has set up shop right in the heart of Brussels to continue the tradition of old-style bistros.

A 1960s Decor

To capture the atmosphere of a typical bistro, Zotte Mouche has invested in a nostalgic decor, reminiscent of retro folklore. An incredible collection of vinyl record sleeves, tables, and stools made from beer crates recreate the friendly and festive ambiance of old bistros. It’s a characterful setting that invites celebration. There’s a very long bar for those who like to lean on it, and a multitude of tables, tall, low, and wall-mounted, so that everyone can find their comfortable spot before hitting the dance floor!

Recommended on Restaurant Guru

Zotte Mouche has received the recommendation from Restaurant Guru 2023 for its 100% BELGIAN EXPERIENCE.

Travelers’ Choice Award

Zotte Mouche has received the Travelers’ Choice Award from Trip Advisor and is in the TOP 10% OF RESTAURANTS WORLDWIDE!

Good Cheer Above All

Zotte Mouche encapsulates the nostalgic ambiance of old Belgium in one place. With its retro-popular style, this “new” bistro is a place for celebration! Zotte Mouche aims to immerse its customers in an authentic atmosphere where nostalgia and sharing take center stage. It’s a place where you can have a good time, laugh and relax, over a good beer and a comforting dish. The perfect spot to remember the richness of Belgian terroir.

The venue reflects its mascot, the brewer. Atypical, jovial, and with a mustache full of beer foam, it perfectly embodies the idea of Zotte Mouche, where friends gather for a festive moment! Music also plays a crucial role. In this authentic Brussels bistro, French songs from the 60s to the 90s, spun by DJ Has Been, take the spotlight on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays evenings. On Sunday afternoons, the famous tea dance returns, and in the evening, it’s back to the 60s. This bistro celebrates singers like Brel, Brassens, or Annie Cordy, and even bar songs that make generations dance, where fun and humor prevail.

“Vous ne verrez plus jamais Bruxelles de la même manière.” This statement captures the essence of Zotte Mouche, where the atmosphere, music, and nostalgia blend to create a unique experience that transforms one’s perception of Brussels. It’s a place where the rich cultural heritage and joyful spirit of Belgium come to life, offering a memorable and immersive journey into the heart of the city.

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